Think of a partial lunar eclipse.

19 November 2021


A partial lunar eclipse (part of the moon appears to be missing) occurs from the evening of November 19, 2021 to before 20:00.
Although it is a partial lunar eclipse this time, 98% of the diameter of the moon is hidden, so it is in a state of "close to a total lunar eclipse that hides almost the entire moon".
It is the first time in 140 years that such a "partial lunar eclipse that is as close to a total lunar eclipse as possible" has been seen in Japan.

By the way, the Road Traffic Act of Japan stipulates "traffic on the left side", but this rule was first stipulated 140 years ago too.

The text at that time stated that "if a carriage or rickshaw meets (passes), move to the left", and this is said to be the root of "traffic on the left side". (Since then, it has undergone several transitions and is now the law)

At that time and now, the traffic volume and the types of cars that are running have changed significantly, but it is deeply emotional to imagine that people 140 years ago looked at the sky in the same way.

Around this time when autumn is deepening, it is fun to watch the moon while watching the missing moon.

Thank you for the reading :-)