Step WGN, Face Lift Project! - Front Bumper Removal -

16 Mar 2021

The next, remove the front bumper. First, remove the tapping screw (90103-TA0-000) near the front fender.

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove Front Bumper

Then remove the front bumper clips (91506-S9A-003) at the bottom of the front bumper. Of course, most of these clips were broken due to the hardening of the plastic. Like the front grille clips... Of course, we ordered them from Honda immediately :-)

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove Clips bottom Front Bumper

Next, remove the front bumper. The front bumper is fixed with the front bumper spacers (71193-SZW-003, 71198-SZW-003) and the front bumper upper beam (71140-SZW-003, 71190-SZW-003).

StepWGN RK Facelift How to Remove the Front Bumper

It can remove by lifting the bumper and pulling to outside. It's fairly tightly fixed, so if it tries to force it off, the bumper bracket may break. Please be carefully!

StepWGN RK Facelift How to Remove the Front Bumper

Disconnect the fog light harness and complete the front bumper removal!

StepWGN RK Facelift Completed to remove the bumper

All that remains is the headlights.

StepWGN RK Facelift the rest headlight

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