Step WGN, Face Lift Project! - Replacement Headlight Vol.1 -

16 Mar 2021

Well, they are the old and new headlights. The front is the 2009 model, and the back is the 2013 model. The 2013 model has undergone a major design change. The low beam is a projector type, and the license lamp is an LED. In addition, a cornering lamp has been added. The 2009 model does not have a cornering lamp, so we did not wire either. (It can be turned on by wiring) The reflector is a little dark gray and looks cool.

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove Headlight of the old and the new

The back of the headlight. The top is the 2009 model and the bottom is the 2013 model. The mounting tabs are common, it can be installed without any processing.

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove Back side Headlight of the old and the new

By the way, the 2013 model headlights we bought this time did not come with ballast, so we have to use the 2009 model ballast. Ballasts are common to each. (33119-SZW-003)

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove Reuse the balast from 2009 headlight

First, remove the bulb cover of the 2009 model headlights. It can easily remove it by rotating it to the right.

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove Bulb Cover

Next, remove the igniter (33129-SZW-003). This can also be easily removed by rotating it.
StepWGN RK Facelift Remove igniter

Then remove the HID burner. It is fixed with two pins. The HID burner can be removed by removing those pins.

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove HID Burner

Completed to removed the burner.

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove Completed the reuse items

Then remove the ballast. It is fixed with three tapping screws (33110-SLJ-J01).

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove Balast

After removing the tapping screw, separate it from the igniter. Press the pin on the brown connector to remove it.

By separating the igniter from the ballast, the igniter can be removed from the headlights.

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove Disconnect the connector of balast

All the parts to be reused have been removed.

StepWGN RK Facelift Remove Completed the Reuse Items

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