Step WGN, Face Lift Project! - Last Section Finish the project -

16 Mar 2021

The front grille can be easily installed with just clips and screws.

StepWGN RK Facelift install the front grille

The power of the grille illumination is supplied from the license lamp.

StepWGN RK Facelift connect the wire of the license lamp and front grille illumination wire

Well, all the installation is completed. Turn on the license lamp ... It turned on nicely! :-)

StepWGN RK Facelift turn on the license lamp and illumination

... and it looks like the work has been completed without any problems. However, when the license lamp was lit after all the parts were installed, not only the license lamp but also the illumination did not light... It takes 30 minutes to find out the cause. The reason os the problem was fuse blown. Replaced with a new fuse and this facelift project is all done.

StepWGN RK Facelift blown the fuse

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