The refresh time of Kazuhiro who JDM Yamato Staff. Playing Grand Turismo

31 Mar 2021

Hello. I'm Kazuhiro who staff of JDM Yamato. This time I would like to introduce to my holidays. Usually, I don't play a lot of games, but today I played Grand Turismo 4 for the first time in a while. Grand Turismo 4 is a game released in Playstasion 2. I think it's a familiar title for everyone who accesses JDM Yamato. The latest version of 7 will be released soon, but I don't have a new version so I will play 4.

Grand Turismo 4 JDM Nissan GT-R NBR34 VSpec

Well, this time I drove the Nissan NBR34 Skyline GT-R V-SpecII Nur. Before I start playing. I tell you a little about the NBR34. This NBR34 is currently trading at very high prices in the Japanese used car market. One of the reasons is related to United States law. Normally, in the United States does not allow imports of right-hand drive vehicles. However, imports are permitted only for vehicles that have been manufactured for 25 years. In other words, NBR34 that meets the conditions will be imported soon and is purchased by many traders. In addition, the production period of NBR34 is very short, 1999-2002. Therefore, it is a rare model because it is not sold much in Japan. For those reasons, prices are rising now.

Grand Turismo 4 Course Select in Endurance Hall

Well, today I played in the endurance race. There are Nurburgring 24 hours, Suzuka 1000km, and the original course El Capitan 200 miles, but I chose Laguna Seca 200 miles.

Grand Turismo 4 Course Select in Endurance Hall

The specified number of laps is 90.

Grand Turismo 4 Course Laguna Seca 200 miles

The CPUs to compete are Pontiac GTO5.7 Coupe 2004, Chevrolet Camaro SS 2000, Saleen S7 2002, Ford GT 2005 and Shelby Series 1 SC 2003. The lineup is a model that exceeds the spec of NBR34.

Grand Turismo 4 Buttle

The result is 2 hours 20 minutes 8 seconds. The best lap was 1'29.167. Even though I played it after a long time, the result was ok.

It's good to refresh with the game :-)

Grand Turismo 4 Buttle