JDM Yamato has been restarted to sale used items. And introduse our warehouse for used items.

30 Apr 2021

From April last year, effect of the COVID-19, it is no longer possible to ship by EMS to some countries from Japan. As a result, JDM Yamato has suspended the sale of most used items. However, in this April, we have resumed sales them by got a Fedex account. The shipping cost is a little higher than EMS, but they will be able to be delivered quickly and with safety.

About our saling used items, please visit store from the link below.


Now then, it's our warehouse for used items. All items that have been checked for operation and photographed are wrapped in bubble wrap one by one to protect them from external scratches and damage. Of course, we deliver safe and secure products to our customers by rechecking the condition of the items before shipping.

We will continue to expand the lineup of used items in the future!! Thank you!!

JDM Yamato Warehouse

JDM Yamato Warehouse