Staff introduction Nogami Kazuhiro

2 August 2021

Staff introduction

I'm Nogami Kazuhiro from JDM Yamato.
Customer support is my main job.We respond to questions and quotations from customers who visit our store.

■ What car are you in?
Toyota VELLFIRE 2018 model

■ How do you spend your holidays?
I'm still practicing. My best score is 76.
I enjoy camping at the river about three times a year.
I like long drives from Osaka to Tokyo and Kyoto.
I used to like traveling in Japan, but after my honeymoon in Germany, I became an overseas traveler. I have been to Guam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Hawaii, Taiwan, China, and Australia.

■ Message to customers
Many automobiles sold in Japan use parts unique to Japan.You need to import from Japan to get them, so outside of Japan.It's hard to get.Therefore, installing parts unique to Japan is a one-of-a-kind custom,There is no doubt that it will stand out.

When you complete the installation without any problems, it will give you great satisfaction.

Staff introduction