2020 Civic Type-R test drive review!! And it was a perfection!!

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17 Nov 2020

This is a Japanese sports car! Coolness that can be said!!

- The vibration of the engine transmitted from the accelerator pedal creates a feeling of excitement.

From the moment the engine starts, it will hear deep bass engine sound and feel a pleasant vibration from the pedals.

Of course, even while driving, it will be one like a partner who wants to drive as far as it feels like "I want to drive more!"

- The looks of a sports car to drive fastly will satisfy your desire for ownership.

As it can see from the "Type-R" logo placed on the rear, the body with the aerodynamically designed aero installed will satisfy the desire to own it just by looking at it.

It can understand the reason that some people who have a longing for a sports car want the New Civic Type R.

There is a noteworthy point in the new Civic as a sedan that is ideal for city driving and everyday use.

- Ease of driving such as smoothness when starting is pursued.

When it comes to sports cars, it is easy to think that riding comfort and ease of driving are sacrificed in order to seek speed. However, the New Civic Type-R has not only speed but also ease of driving.

For example, start the engine with the clutch and brake depressed, put to the 1st gear and start. At this time, the car can start smoothly by releasing the brake and also gradually releasing the clutch. It does not have to step on the accelerator. Therefore, the trouble of engine stop at the time of starting is greatly reduced.

Also, the engine will stop idling while the clutch is fully depressed, but the engine will restart as soon as it is released a little. So, the shock when starting from stopping is considerably less.

- Space that is not too narrow, and comfortable cockpit with a seat that fits your body

On the contrary to the smart form, the inside of the car feels spacious.

In particular, the seat holds your body moderately and tightly, so that you don't feel cramped. Therefore, it will not feel stress even if you drive for a long time.

The space for the rear seats is also having, so it is a space where even four people can sit comfortably.

- The undercarriage that seems to be a sports car brings a sense of stability when turning

The suspension and other undercarriage are configured to be stable even at high speeds. As a result, even the slightest steps or sharp curves that occur when driving in the city do not cause much shaking of the car body. Also, the sound insulation is also high, and the inside of the car may feel silently than expected.

Online Shop / JDM Civic Type-R Accessoris (Honda Access)
Online Shop / JDM Civic Type-R Honda Genuine Parts