Partially improved DAIHATSU TAFT.

31 May 2021

Model Name
Add New Grade / Little Improvement
Debut Date
10 May 2021

JDM DAIHATSU TAFT Chrome Venture Front

Partially improved DAIHATSU TAFT.

With some improvements to TAFT, the "X TURBO" grade has been added, making it possible to select turbo cars at an affordable price.

In addition, a special specification car "Chrome Venture" has been newly set. In addition to the plating decoration on the exterior, the accent color on the interior is dark silver, which adds a high-quality feel to the active feeling of the past.

JDM DAIHATSU TAFT Chrome Venture Sky Feel Top

The exterior of TAFT is equipped with a sky feel top (with super UV & IR cut function / shade). This roof creates TAFT's unique sense of openness and projects a landscape that has never been seen before, spreading widely above the front seats.With a super UV & IR cut function that reduces ultraviolet rays and infrared rays, and a shade that can be opened and closed, you can enjoy a comfortable drive at any time.

JDM DAIHATSU TAFT Chrome Venture Tachometer

The interior of TAFT features a twin-lens meter (with a tachometer) and a TFT color multi-information display (standard equipment on G turbo and G).The orange interior accents give it a luxurious feel. It comes with a multi-information display that allows you to change the warning timing of Smart Assist by the vehicle customization function and check information such as warnings and maintenance.

JDM DAIHATSU TAFT Chrome Venture Instrument panel

In addition, the design around the instrument panel is designed to be easy to operate.The instrument panel center shift, electric parking brake, air conditioner, etc. are located in a position that makes it easy to operate in a natural posture from the driver's seat.

JDM DAIHATSU TAFT Chrome Venture Luggage space

Since the rear seats can be tilted separately on the left and right, a variety of luggage rooms can be arranged. It can be used in a variety of ways according to the scene, such as "3 passengers + long items" and "2 passengers + large luggage" as well as 4 passengers. However, unfortunately, the rear seats cannot be slid.

There are two types of TAFT engines, an in-line 3-cylinder DOHC 0.66 liter turbo engine and a naturally aspirated engine, and there are 2WD and 4WD models, respectively.Until now, the turbo engine was set only for G grade, but with this minor change, turbo can now be selected for X grade as well.

The safety function of TAFT uses Smart Assist III.Adaptive cruise control with all-speed tracking function (standard equipment on G turbo, G is a manufacturer's option) supports keeping the distance from the preceding vehicle within the set vehicle speed while detecting the state of the preceding vehicle while driving.In addition, it supports troublesome accelerator and brake operations, such as continuing to apply the brakes when the vehicle stops according to the preceding vehicle. It is hard to get tired and you can drive comfortably even in traffic jams during long-distance driving.

The Collision Avoidance Assist Braking function (for both day and night against vehicles and pedestrians) alerts the driver when it judges that there is a risk of a collision while driving, and decelerates the vehicle by emergency braking if the risk increases further.

Let's go for a drive where you can feel the early summer sunshine from TAFT's Sky Feel Top.

JDM DAIHATSU TAFT Chrome Venture Driving seat

JDM DAIHATSU TAFT Chrome Venture Side