Partially improved by TOYOTA Yaris.

31 May 2021

Model Name
Toyota Yaris
Little Improvement
Debut Date
10 May 2021

JDM Toyota Yaris Front

Partially improved by TOYOTA Yaris.

This partial improvement of Yaris will strengthen advanced driver assistance equipment and comfort equipment.

The Yaris is the fourth generation model of the Vitz, which appeared in 2020 under the new global model name "Yaris".

The body type is set only for 4 doors + hatchback. The installed power unit is given the nickname of "Dynamic Force". Three types are available: a newly developed 1.5-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine, an improved 1.0-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine, and a hybrid that uses a 1.5-liter engine and a motor.

With this improvement of Yaris, radar cruise control is standard equipment on all gasoline 1.5L CVT and hybrid vehicles. The functionality has also been improved, and it has evolved to be compatible with all vehicle speeds.

Until now, radar cruise control has been operating at 30km / h or higher, but we have added an all-speed tracking function that tracks up to a stopped state. As a result, it functions not only in the high speed range while driving on a highway, but also from low speed to stop, which has the advantage of reducing fatigue during traffic jams.

In addition, the "Intelligent Clearance Sonar", which makes it easy to pass each other when parking or in narrow alleys, is standard equipment on Yaris's highest grade hybrid Z and gasoline model Z.

In addition, we have newly set a plus support as a dealer option to suppress sudden acceleration. Regardless of the presence or absence of obstacles, if the accelerator is over-depressed or mis-depressed, it suppresses the acceleration of the vehicle and alerts the driver with an alarm buzzer and display.

Plus support starts automatically when the door is unlocked with the dedicated key, so there is no need for troublesome settings.

For the exterior, the Yaris design, which uses a low center of gravity and high rigidity "TNGA" platform, becomes wider toward the bottom of the body and emphasizes the feeling of tire tension, is unchanged.

In the interior of Yaris, there is no change in the instrument panel with the design divided into upper and lower tiers and the meter with the motif of binoculars.

To improve comfort, we installed Nanoe X, which emits 10 times the amount of Nanoe, which is said to be effective in controlling viruses and bacteria, at the air conditioner outlet on the driver's side. It is standard equipment on the highest grade hybrid Z and gasoline model Z.

JDM Toyota Yaris Display

Display audio and in-vehicle communication devices that can be linked with smartphones are standard equipment on all Yaris vehicles.

Let's go for a long drive with the more evolved Yaris.

JDM Toyota Yaris Rear

JDM Toyota Yaris Trunk

JDM Toyota Yaris Steering wheel

JDM Toyota Yaris Steering remote control