MAZDA's crossover SUV CX-30 has been partially improved.

11 June 2021

Model Name
Little Improvement
Debut Date
26 April 2021


MAZDA's crossover SUV CX-30 has been partially improved.

In this partial improvement of the CX-30, the new-generation gasoline engine "e-SKYACTIV X" has improved exhaust gas performance and fuel efficiency. The feeling of freedom and driving performance with increased instantaneous power that responds to the driver's intentions remain the same. As a result of this improvement, all CX-30s equipped with the "X" are subject to tax reduction under the 2030 fuel efficiency standards.

The specific improvement of the CX-30 is a software update of the control system such as the e-SKYACTIV X engine.

e-SKYACTIV X is a system that combines a mild hybrid with a new-generation gasoline engine that has the world's first innovative combustion control technology "SPCCI (spark ignition control compression ignition)".With this improvement, fuel efficiency has increased by 3.0 to 7.1% and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have been reduced by 3.0 to 7.0%, making the engine more environmentally friendly.

The appeal of e-SKYACTIV X is the smooth engine feel, the feeling of acceleration linked to accelerator operation, the goodness of blowing up and the engine sound that makes you want to turn it unintentionally, and the "comfort" and "quality".In addition, the CX-30 engine can be selected from three types: e-SKYACTIVE X, gasoline engine SKYACTIVE-G 2.0, and clean diesel engine SKYACTIVE-D 1.8.The drive system can be selected from 2WD and 4WD.

JDM MAZDA CX-30 accelerator pedal

Other improvements include revised front and rear damper characteristics for all CX-30 models, resulting in smoother suspension movement over rough road surfaces and a more natural and gentle ride.The accelerator pedal, a feature of MAZDA vehicles, has been moved forward to optimize pedal placement, and an organ type pedal has been adopted to prevent misalignment between foot movement and pedal trajectory.


The exterior expresses the relaxed beauty and the strength of an SUV.In addition, the compact cabin located at the rear and the slightly "forward leaning" roofline give a sporty impression. The total height is 1540 mm, which is limited to the height that can be accommodated in many mechanical multi-storey car parks.

The safety features of the CX-30 have not changed with this improvement.Collision damage mitigation brake, on-board detection function, "danger avoidance steering assist" that detects obstacles and vehicles approaching from the left and right when moving backward, "AT false start suppression control (when moving forward / backward)" to prevent accidental pedal depression Is a feature of all models as standard equipment.

MAZDA will continue to evolve the car so that you can feel the "joy of driving" and "excellent environmental and safety performance" in various everyday scenes.

Let's go for an early summer drive with the improved CX-30 e-SKYACTIVE X.


JDM MAZDA CX-30 Engine model

JDM MAZDA CX-30 steering wheel