The Lexus middle class sedan "ES" has been significantly improved.

24 September 2021

Model Name
Lexus ES
Debut Date
26 August 2021

JDM Lexus ES Front

The Lexus middle class sedan "ES" has been significantly improved.

The ES is a middle-class sedan that has been in the lineup since the opening of Lexus in 1989. The current model is the 7th generation that appeared in Japan in 2018.

In this ES improvement, the front mask has been redesigned to pursue comfort and a linear drive feel.

JDM Lexus ES Side

For the exterior of the ES, the mesh pattern of the front grille has adopted a new design consisting of a collection of L-shaped units with a vertical tone. For headlamps, the monocular lamp uses a new small unit, and the trinocular lamp uses the Blade Scan Adaptive High Beam System (AHS). In addition to further improving functionality, the adoption of a new thin lamp unit gives it a sharp look.

The 17-inch wheels equipped on the standard ES300h have thicker spoke ends to emphasize the texture of the cutting brilliance, and the V-shape adds a sporty impression.
The 18-inch wheels, which are a manufacturer's option, use multi-axis spokes that contrast the contrast between the cutting brilliance and the dark gray metallic paint, creating a luxurious feel.

JDM Lexus ES Instrument panel

In the interior of the ES, the infotainment monitor around the instrument panel has been converted to a touch display, and the monitor position has been moved closer to the driver side by about 100 mm and tilted about 5 degrees to improve operability. A glass material is used for the monitor screen to improve visibility and operability.

For the ornament decoration, walnut material that creates luxury is used, and newly developed ink black and dark brown are used to create a more detailed and modern atmosphere.
Beige "Hazel" and brown "Move" are newly set as interior colors.

There is no change in the combination of the 2.5-liter in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine and motor of the ES power unit.The member brace of the rear suspension has been changed from a single plate to a combined structure of two plates to increase rigidity against twisting and bending, improve ride quality, and realize a more linear driving feel.
In the electronically controlled brake system, the control has been reviewed to improve controllability.

The "F SPORT" model has a specially tuned suspension that is faithful to the driver's driving operation and has a sportier specification.
The exclusive 19-inch aluminum wheels use glossy black wheels that match the black color of the front grille, giving a tight impression. An orange-painted brake caliper with the LEXUS logo is set as a Japan-only specification to make the suspension more sporty.

The advanced preventive safety technology "Lexus Safety System +" improves the performance of monocular cameras and millimeter-wave radar. Collision mitigation brakes can now detect not only daytime bicycles and nighttime pedestrians, but also crossing pedestrians coming from the front when turning left and right, and oncoming straight-ahead vehicles coming from the front before turning right at an intersection.

In addition, "Lane Tracing Assist," which assists steering so that the vehicle can drive in the center of the same lane, has improved lane recognition performance. ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) has added a curve speed suppression function that decelerates in advance according to the size of the curve.
The "Digital Outer Mirror", which is installed only in ES, has improved camera performance and improved visibility with clear images with less noise. The LED flicker is greatly reduced and the image quality is improved, achieving excellent visibility day and night.

Go for a drive with the elegantly designed Lexus ES.