Partially improved Mazda "CX-3" and added special specification car "Super Edgy".

1 November 2021

Model Name
Mazda CX-3 Super Edgy
Add New Grade / Little Improvement
Official Announcement Date
14 October 2021

JDM Mazda CX-3 Super Edgy Side

Partially improved Mazda "CX-3" and added special specification car "Super Edgy".

Mazda has partially improved the compact SUV "CX-3" and added a special specification car "Super Edgy" that further pursues the features of the CX-3 such as high quality and sophistication.

The CX-3 is Mazda's compact crossover SUV with a high-quality and stylish design, size and packaging that pursues ease of use in all situations, and driving performance that makes driving fun.

JDM Mazda CX-3 Super Edgy Front

JDM Mazda CX-3 Super Edgy Rear

In this improvement of the CX-3, the cladding that covers the front and rear wheel arches and the lower part of the front and rear bumpers are painted in gloss black to tighten the feet. In addition, the "Black Glossy Package", which increases grace and fearlessness, has been added as a set option to some grades.

In addition, Apple CarPlay wireless connection is available as an option for some grades, such as wireless charging (Qi), which allows you to easily charge your smartphone simply by placing it on the console, and automatic connection without removing your smartphone after simple registration.
In addition, 4WD vehicles are equipped with a wiper deicer as standard, which makes it easier to remove the snow that has accumulated on the front window glass.
In addition, the Mazda Connect Center Display has been expanded from 7 inches to 8 inches and is standard equipment on all models. A new color "Platinum Quartz Metallic" has been added to the body color.

The exterior of the CX-3's special specification car, Super Edge, uses a two-tone specification with the upper part painted black from the pillars. The upper cabin is blacked out from the side window to make it look as one, and the bumper including the wheels and the lower part of the body are also tightened with glossy black, making it a sleek and elegant exterior.

JDM Mazda CX-3 Super Edgy Instrument panel

JDM Mazda CX-3 Super Edgy Seat

The interior of "Super Edgy" adopts a bold coloring that uses black as the base color for the dashboard, door trim, front seat back, etc., and the central part of the back of the seat, the seat surface, and the air conditioner louver ring A bronze color is used as the insert color to accentuate it. It features a design that creates elegance and sex appeal and enhances the feeling when riding.
As for the seat material, the suede-like artificial leather "Grand Luxe" is placed in the center of the seat and back, and the side support is made of smooth-textured artificial leather.
The body color can be selected from four colors, including the "Platinum Quartz Metallic (Black Cabin)" newly set for the CX-3.

There are two types of powertrains for the CX-3: the high-efficiency direct-injection gasoline engine SKYACTIV-G 1.5 and the clean diesel SKYACTIV-D 1.8 that achieves comfortable driving.
For gasoline engines, 6-speed AT only, and for clean diesel, 6-speed AT and 6-speed MT can be selected.

This time, the grade of CX-3 was also rearranged. Diesel models are available in three grades: "XD Super Edgy," "XD Touring," and "XD." Gasoline models are available in four grades: "15S", "15S Touring", "15S Urban Dresser" and "15S Super Edgy".

Go for a drive in the elegant special edition Super Edgy.