Nissan announced a special specification car of the 2022 model of GT-R.

4 October 2021

Model Name
Nissan Premium edition T-Spec/Track edition engineered by NISMO T-spec
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Official Announcement
14 September 2021

JDM Nissan Premium edition T-Spec/Track edition engineered by NISMO T-spec Front

Nissan announced the GT-R 2022 model special edition "Premium edition T-Spec" and "Track edition engineered by NISMO T-spec".

The name "T-spec" comes from the acronyms "Trend Maker" and "Traction Master".
"Trend Maker" is a philosophy that guides the era, expresses the way the GT-R should be and the desire to continue to be a car that drives that era, and "Traction Master" is a vehicle that firmly captures the ground and drives it. It represents the idea of hardware in development.

The common specifications of GT-R Premium edition T-spec and GT-R Track edition engineered by NISMO T-spec are specially equipped with special carbon ceramic brakes, carbon rear spoiler, special engine cover, and special badges (front, rear). The dedicated carbon ceramic brake uses lightweight carbon ceramic with excellent heat resistance for the brake rotor, and demonstrates overwhelming braking force and excellent controllability.
In addition, the carbon rear spoiler (with LED high-mount stop lamp) weighs about half that of resin, contributing to weight reduction.

In addition to these, the GT-R Premium edition T-spec will have a special interior, Rays aluminum forged wheels (bronze color), and a special tuned suspension.

The GT-R Track edition engineered by NISMO T-spec adds a dedicated carbon roof and carbon trunk lid (trimless, genuine leather pull strapless).
The special carbon roof has a beautiful finish with a weight reduction of about 4 kg and improved surface smoothness due to advanced quality control.

JDM Nissan Premium edition T-Spec/Track edition engineered by NISMO T-spec Rear

The body colors of both GT-R models are the new colors Midnight Purple and Millennium Jade. Midnight Purple is an evolved version of the colors that have been adopted in successive GT-Rs since the R33 Skyline GT-R.
On the other hand, Millennium Jade is a body color that expresses a "sophisticated appearance" that has a strong presence in a quiet atmosphere with a green tone.

The GT-R's power unit has the same performance with a 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbo engine, maximum output of 570PS, and maximum torque of 637N.m. The transmission is a GR6 type dual clutch transmission for all cars, and is set only for 4WD.

As a safe driving support for GT-R, we have adopted super wide beam headlamps, LED hyper daylights, and high-brightness LED rear combination lamps to support drivers so that they can drive with peace of mind at any time.
It also assists the driver in returning to a safe state when it is likely to be in danger.
Equipped with ABS / EBD / VDC-R / front & back sonar. Equipped with SRS airbag / SRS side airbag & SRS curtain airbag / pop-up engine hood to minimize damage in the unlikely event of a collision.

The GT-R Premium edition T-Spec and Track edition engineered by NISMO T-spec are limited to 100 units in total for both models. I have to hurry!