Suzuki's full-scale Crocan Jimny and Jimny Sierra have been partially improved to improve safety.

4 October 2021

Model Name
Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra
Little Improvement
Debut Date
20 October 2021

JDM Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra Front

Suzuki's full-scale Crocan Jimny and Jimny Sierra have been partially improved to improve safety.

JDM Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra Rear

Suzuki Jimny is a light four-wheel drive vehicle that has a unique presence due to its robust rudder frame structure and rigid axles that make it easy to handle even on narrow roads such as forest roads. The current 4th generation model, which has a history of more than half a century since the first generation, debuted in 2018 and has been highly acclaimed along with the 1.5L unit and wide fender Jimny Sierra. In addition, it inherits Jimny's traditional body composition such as FR layout, part-time 4WD with auxiliary transmission, and 3-link rigid axle suspension. In addition, the brake LSD traction control is standard equipment on all vehicles, achieving high rough road running performance.

In this partial improvement of Jimny and Jimny Sierra, the auto light system is also installed in vehicles without Suzuki Safety Support. In addition, a stop-stop system that operates only during 2WD driving has been added to 4-speed AT vehicles to improve safety and environmental performance. In addition, a spare tire lower cover has been added to Jimny.

Jimny's exterior has a rational and lean functional beauty that pursues Jimny's uniqueness. It features a trapezoidal wheel arch that supports high running performance, a bumper corner with a sharp shape and easy maintenance such as tire replacement, a symbol of Jimny's uniqueness, a 5-slot grille and round headlamps & independent turn lamps.Jimny Sierra will be equipped with a wide overfender that stands out for its toughness and strength as a full-scale 4WD.

JDM Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra Dashboard

JDM Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra Seat

The interior of Jimny and Jimny Sierra uses a three-dimensional instrument panel and armrests designed in a horizontal tone to express the strength of Jimny. In addition, the shape makes it easy to grasp the vehicle posture even on off-road vehicles.
The meter simply stores the necessary instruments in a cubic cluster and has a functional and unadorned design. In addition, the meter uses constant lighting and a multi-information display is located in the center.The luggage space can secure a large capacity of 352L luggage space by tilting the rear seat, and the opening is large, so luggage can be loaded and unloaded smoothly. It is also equipped with a utility nut, luggage compartment hook nut, and luggage accessory socket.

Jimny's powertrain is equipped with a "R06A turbo engine" tuned exclusively for Jimny, and Jimny Sierra's powertrain is equipped with a 1.5-liter "K15B engine". Transmissions are available in 5-speed MT and 4-speed AT. It is a setting only for 4WD.

As for the safety features of Jimny and Jimny Sierra, Suzuki Safety Support is standard equipment on Jimny XC and Jimny Sierra JC.
It can be equipped to other grades as an option.

Let's go off-road with Jimny Jimny and Jimny Sierra.