Significant improvement of Mazda CX-5.

3 December 2021

Model Name
Mazda CX-5
Official Announcement
8 November 2021

JDN Mazda CX-5 Sports Appearance

JDN Mazda CX-5 Field Journey

Mazda has made significant annual improvements to the popular midsize SUV "CX-5." In addition, special specification vehicles "Sports Appearance" and "Field Journey" have been newly added.

In the evolution of the dynamics performance of the CX-5, we have newly adopted "MAZDA INTELLIGENT DRIVE SELECT (abbreviated as Mi-DRIVE)" that allows you to switch the driving mode arbitrarily with a single switch operation according to the driving scene. From on-road to off-road, it enhances the sense of unity between humans and horses that is typical of Mazda.

In addition, in the body / suspension, a damping structure has been adopted for the vehicle body frame, the mounting rigidity of the vehicle body and seat frame has been improved, and the spring damper characteristics have also been reviewed.

In the interior of the CX-5, the seat is now able to achieve a naturally balanced S-shaped sitting posture by optimizing the pelvic angle when sitting.
In the luggage room, the floorboard can be divided into upper, lower and front and rear tiers. The luggage compartment floor is easier to use by eliminating the step from the tailgate opening. The capacity of the sub-trunk under the floor has also been expanded.
In addition, a new power lift gate with a hands-free function has been added to improve convenience not only outdoors but also in everyday shopping situations.

As for safety functions, we have adopted the evolution of "Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH)" and "Cruising & Traffic Support (CTS)" to support safer, more comfortable driving.

A new special edition car has also been added.
"Sports Appearance" for those who seek sporty feelings and urbanity, and "Field Journey" for those who enjoy daily life and outdoor life with family and friends and freely move between the city and nature. Two types of specification cars have been added.

JDN Mazda CX-5 Sports Appearance seat

In the "Sports Appearance", the front grille, signature wing, lower bumper, wheel arch, under-door garnish, and door mirrors are all tightened with black to accentuate the fearlessness, and the wheels are also 19-inch black metallic paint.The red accent on the front grille is the classic red of the original Roadster.
The interior also uses passionate red stitching around the black leather seats, steering, doors and shifts.

JDN Mazda CX-5 Field Journey seat

On the other hand, "Field Journey" uses silver-painted front and rear bumper center garnish and side garnish, black door mirrors and 17-inch aluminum wheels with gray metallic paint, and is equipped with all-season tires as standard equipment.
In addition to the "NORMAL" and "SPORT" in the conventional drive selection, "Mi-DRIVE" has a new "OFF-ROAD" mode that is ideal for outdoor driving including rough roads such as unpaved roads and deep snow roads.

In the interior, the lime green used to accent the front grille is also used for seat stitching, piping, and air-conditioning louvers.
In addition, a reversible board is used in the luggage room.

JDN Mazda CX-5 Sports Appearance Side

JDN Mazda CX-5 Field Journey Rear