Mazda's SUV CX-30 retuned engine performance and improved advanced safety system

8 Feb 2021

Model Name
Mazda CX-30
Little Improvement
Debut Date
17 Dec 2020

NEW Model JDM Japan Mazda CX-30 2021 Front Exterior

Mazda is taking a strategy to improve its product appeal by making detailed updates to the current model, which can be said to be an annual improvement.

This improvement aims to improve driving performance and functionality of the driving support system. Regarding driving performance, it has updated the powertrain control of vehicles equipped with the new gasoline engine "e-SKYACTIVE X" and the diesel engine "SKYACTIVE-D 1.8". As a result, the control has been upgraded to respond as the driver intended.

NEW Model JDM Japan Mazda CX-30 2021 Interior

For gasoline engines, the name of the power unit including the mild hybrid mechanism has been changed from SKYACTIVE-X to "e-SKYACTIVE X". By optimizing the combustion control of Mazda's original combustion control technology "SPCCI (Spark Controlled Compression Ignition)", torque has been strengthened in almost all engine speed ranges. The specifications have been increased from the conventional maximum output of 180ps/6000rpm and maximum torque of 22.8kg-m/3000rpm to 190ps/6000rpm and 24.4kg-m/4500rpm.

In addition, the control of the air supply (compressor) has been changed to a more precise one, and the responsiveness has been improved by supercharging more quickly in response to quick accelerator operation.

NEW Model JDM Japan Mazda CX-30 2021 Rear Exterior

In SKYACTIV-D 1.8, the control has been changed to improve the maximum output and generate powerful torque in a wider engine speed range. The maximum output has been increased from 116ps to 130ps.

The responsiveness at the accelerator turned on has been greatly improved. It will quickly generate more powerful torque even in scenes where the accelerator is stepped on at once when merging or overtaking a highway. Moreover, it has been upgraded can be maintain the powerful acceleration unique to diesel engines.

In advanced safety equipment, the maximum operating speed of "Cruising & Traffic Support (CTS)", which supports the reduction of driving fatigue by the cruise control function and steering assist function, has been expanded to the high speed range, and the control has been further optimized. This allows you to enjoy a safer and more stress-free drive on the highway.

In addition, the acceleration / deceleration control of radar cruise control has been changed to a smoother one that better suits human senses.

These improvements have achieved the consistent high quality of driving that Mazda pursues, from the city to the suburbs and highways, regardless of the situation.

NEW Model JDM Japan Mazda CX-30 2021 Side Exterior