New Lexus IS debut with refined purity as a sports sedan.

25 Feb 2021

Model Name
Lexus IS
Minor Change
Debut Date
5 Nov 2020

NEW Model JDM Lexus IS

Lexus IS has undergone a minor change. Although it is a minor change, it has been considerably modified and is close to a full model change. The reason it is not a full model change is that the basic platform has not changed.

On the exterior, the width has been increased by 15 mm on each side by adopting large diameter tires (18 or 19 inches). By lowering the tip of the front, it becomes a powerful design of wide & low.

It also has a complex, three-dimensional shape around the rear fender arch and boot lid. This is a design that cannot be achieved with conventional technology. By developing a new construction method, this design forms an innovative coupe silhouette of the Lexus IS, which was not found in past FR sports sedans.

NEW Lexus IS Styling Coupe Look

The interior has a new touch-type display, and the app has been enhanced to improve usability.

The horizontal instrument panel, door mirror placement, and central display size and angle have all been redesigned to ensure adequate visibility.

It is a space where it can concentrate on driving, pursuing the fun of sports driving and the importance of safe driving.

NEW Lexus IS Interior Design

There are three IS engines available: a 3.5L V6 (IS350), a 2.5L inline 4 + motor hybrid (IS300h), and a 2L inline 4 turbo (IS300).

In addition, one of the features of this time is that the mounting method of wheels and tires has been renewed to the bolt fastening type that is common in European cars. By increasing the size of the bolt from the conventional M12 to M14, the mounting rigidity has been increased and the unsprung weight has also been reduced.

In the lineup, IS350 is F SPORT only. IS300h and IS300 are 3 types including version L and F SPORT. IS350 and IS300 are 2WD (FR) only. IS300h is available for 2WD (FR) and AWD.

In addition, about the F SPORT, the seat is a sports type using leather material exclusively for F SPORT. The instruments will be changed from the version L binocular Optitron meter to a monocular liquid crystal type whose display can be changed freely.

The tire size is 235/40R19 (version L) for both front and rear, and the F SPORT is sportier with the rear is 265/35R19.

NEW Lexus IS F-Sports Drivers Seat

In addition, safety equipment such as the preventive safety system Lexus Safety System + and various driving support systems will be installed. It is equipped with an "automatic high beam" that automatically adjusts the high and low of the headlights, a "road sign assist" that displays road signs on the meter, and a "parking support brake".

It's a minor change, but why not go for a long drive with the new Lexus IS, which has evolved to the same level as the model change.

NEW Lexus IS Headlight

NEW Lexus IS Taillight

NEW Lexus IS Rear Styling