A design can be recognized as MIRAI at a glance and evolved into a stylish sedan.

8 Feb 2021

Model Name
Toyota MIRAI
Debut Date
9 Dec 2020

NEW Model JDM Japan Toyota MIRAI 2021 Front Exterior

MIRAI has undergone a full model change to a elegant styling suitable for calling it a 4-door coupe with the concept of "SILENT DYNAMISM", aiming to be chosen as a car as excellent styling, not because it is an environmental car.

On the exterior, the stance is low, wide, the proportions are beautiful, and the body looks long. The basis for this is the GA-L platform, which is also used in the current Lexus LS.

The body is wide, low and has a relaxed proportion, and the size is 4,975 (Length) x 1,885 (Width) x 1,470 (Height)mm. It is 85mm longer, 70mm wider and 65mm lower than its predecessor.

The low nose, thin and sharp rear combination lamps that extend horizontally, and large diameter wheels of 19 inches or 20 inches are also features of appearance.

8 body colors are available, including the newly developed "Force Blue Multiple Layers".

NEW Model JDM Japan Toyota MIRAI 2021 Rear Exterior

The interior uses an asymmetrical instrument panel, appealing the feeling of being wrapped on the driver's side and the feeling of spaciousness on the passenger's side. The integrated 8-inch meter panel, 12.3-inch center display, and the decoration of copper in various places create a special feeling.

There is a hydrogen tank in the rear seats, leaving a tall center tunnel. However, the number of passengers in the rear seat has increased from the previous two to three. The FC stack under the floor of the front seat in the previous generation was made smaller and lighter and moved to the front of the car body to secure a wider interior space.

NEW Model JDM Japan Toyota MIRAI 2021 Center Interior

A major feature of the mechanism is that the drive system has changed from the previous front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive. By changing the arrangement of the main components, the center of gravity is lowered and the ideal front-rear weight balance (50:50) is achieved.

The maximum output generated by the drive motor is 182ps, and the maximum torque is 300N-m. The lithium-ion drive battery is laid out behind the cabin.

Installed with three hydrogen tanks, one more than the previous generation (one is installed vertically at the bottom between the driver's seat and the passenger seat, and two are installed horizontally in front of and behind the rear axle). As a result, the total amount of hydrogen loaded has increased by about 20% from 4.6kg to 5.6kg. In addition, the fuel efficiency has been improved by about 10%, and the cruising range is about 850km (WLTC mode), which greatly exceeds the previous 650km (JC08 mode).

The driving support system for safety functions has also improved. It is equipped with "Toyota Safety Sense" that incorporates the latest functions such as pedestrian detection when turning left or right at an intersection and recovery from driving problems caused by sudden changes in the driver's physical condition.

In addition, the executive package is suitable for a luxury sedan, with the aim of satisfying all occupants in a relaxed manner.

NEW Model JDM Japan Toyota MIRAI 2021 Side Interior

NEW Model JDM Japan Toyota MIRAI 2021 MODELLISTA