The 3rd gen Note has an exterior design that is different than the typical compact cars

2 Feb 2021

The 3rd generation "Note" announced this time was created based on the concept of "an advanced compact car packed with driving comfort and enjoyment that exceeds the common sense of compact cars." It uses a newly designed platform. In addition, it has been renewed for as an advanced compact car equipped with the upgraded 2nd generation "e-POWER" for the first time.

The 2nd generation "e-POWER" has renewed the powertrain hardware and its control, achieving both more powerful and high-quality driving and efficiency at a high level. In addition, "acceleration" and "deceleration" that can be controlled smoothly. And outstanding "quietness" unique to electric powertrains have been dramatically improved.

The exterior design is a thin 4-unit LED projector headlamp that fits in with the front grille. And the new V-motion chrome that leads to that. A characteristic signature rear combination lamp with a character line that connects from the front to the rear with a single line and a horizontal single character shape that spreads horizontally. Although it is compact, it has an exterior that stands out.

In addition, the front grill uses a pattern inspired by the traditional Japanese craft "Kumiko", and expresses "design that blends into the Japanese landscape."

Also, the optional 16-inch aluminum wheels have a sharp and sophisticated design inspired by Japanese swords, reminiscent of the driving performance of "e-POWER".

In the interior design, a meter integrated with the center display is placed on the instrument panel that spreads outward. It has both advanced feeling and ease of use suitable for electrification.

In addition, the bridge-type center console on which installed a small electronically controlled shift lever is equipped with a large storage space and long reach armrests. It is also equipped with highly convenient functions such as a wireless charger for smartphones.

The rear seats are equipped with a reclining function, ensuring a class-leading spacious space for both knee space and head space.

Furthermore, in the luggage compartment, by securing a wide opening and luggage compartment width, it is possible to store luggage without stress.

In terms of safety technology, it has improved safety in all directions by incorporating advanced safety technology that realizes 360�� safety support.

In addition, it is equipped with "ProPilot (with navigation link function)" for the first time to reduce the frequency of driver operations and realize a safe and comfortable drive.