SUBARU CHIFFON and CHIFFON CUSTOM have been partially improved to improve safety features.

9 Apr 2021

Model Name
Subaru Chiffon
Debut Date
8 Dec 2020

NEW Model JDM Subaru Chiffon

In this improvement, the preventive safety and driving support system "Smart Assist" has been adopted as standard on all vehicles.

By renewing the stereo camera used for the sensor, the performance of the Forward Obstruction Warning and Advanced Emergency Braking System has been improved, and new functions such as Lane Departure Warning and Driver Alert Control have been added.

For models equipped with a turbo engine (GS / RS / RS Limited), the operating speed range of adaptive cruise control with all vehicle speed tracking function has expanded.

In addition, it is equipped with a lane keep control that supports stable driving in the center of the lane, contributing to reducing the load on the driver during long-distance driving.

NEW Model JDM Subaru Chiffon Interior

CHIFFON is an OEM model of Daihatsu "TANTO". Like the TANTO, the B-pillar for passenger side is built into the passenger seat door and the rear sliding door. This is a super height wagon that uses a "miracle open door" that achieves a large opening.

NEW Model JDM Subaru Chiffon Exterior

On the exterior, CHIFFON has adopted a style that is friendly and has a sense of security. The characteristic full LED headlamps are accented with white edging. CHIFFON CUSTOM has adopted a full LED headlamp with a sharp impression that stands out. Turn signals are characterized by lighting pattern.

NEW Model JDM Subaru Chiffon Drivers Seat

In the interior, CHIFFON is a cozy room that is gently wrapped. CHIFFON CUSTOM is a chic room unified in calm black. In addition, the driver's seat and passenger's seat slide long, making it easy to move inside the car.

With this improvement, CHIFFON CUSTOM has "R Limited Smart Assist" and "RS Limited Smart Assist" as new models, and has adopted a special exterior design equipped with a large front grille & bumper garnish and side garnish.

The RS Limited Smart Assist also features specially designed 15-inch aluminum wheels for a stylish look.

The CHIFFON model is L Smart Assist / G Smart Assist / GS Smart Assist, and only GS is equipped with a turbo engine.

CHIFFON CUSTOM is R Smart Assist / R Limited Smart Assist / RS Smart Assist / RS Limited Smart Assist, and RS / RS Limited is equipped with a turbo engine.

Let's spend our days together in the new, safer CHIFFON.

NEW Model JDM Subaru Chiffon Rear

NEW Model JDM Subaru Chiffon Navigation System