Honda LEGEND is equipped with "Honda SENSING Elite" which realizes "automatic driving level 3"

13 Apr 2021

Model Name
Honda Legend
Debut Date
3 Mar 2021

NEW Honda Legend Honda Snesing Elite

Honda LEGEND Hybrid EX�EHonda SENSING Elite will be sold for lease sale only for 100 units.

In the past, " automatic driving level 2" required the driver to take over the driving immediately in case of emergency, and sideways driving was not allowed.

mbr,However, if you are using the Honda SENSING Elite function that supports LEGEND's automatic driving level 3, you are allowed to watch TV or DVD. (Limited to traffic jams on expressways, etc.)

Honda SENSING Elite is equipped with three hands-off functions: " Active Driving Assist ", "Lane Change Assist", and "altitude Lane Change Assist".

The hands-off function assists you in driving with your hands off the steering wheel while driving on highways or motorways.

The above will be assisted if certain conditions are met while the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Congestion Tracking Function and the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) are in operation.

The traffic jam driving function is Active Driving Assist with a hands-off function.

When a traffic jam is encountered while driving, the system monitors the surroundings on behalf of the driver under certain conditions while operating the accelerator, brakes and steering.

Automatic driving is performed when the traffic is less than about 30km / h (about 50km / h or less after the system is activated) on a motorway, such as traffic jams.

The emergency stop support function assists deceleration and stop while alerting surrounding vehicles with hazard lamps and horns when the driver does not continuously respond to the operation request from the system.

The human-machine interface (HMI) allows the driver to instantly and easily recognize the operating status, driving conditions, and operation requests from the system.

The steering wheel, the upper part of the navigation screen, and the glove box are equipped with "Honda SENSING Elite indicator lights".

In addition, when hands-off is possible, the indicator light on the steering wheel lights up in blue, and when the traffic jam driving function is activated, the other indicator lights also light up in blue.

NEW Honda Legend Honda Snesing Elite Interior

On the other hand, when the system makes an operation request to the driver, these indicator lights turn orange and turn on / blink, indicating an easy-to-understand sign.

The large 12.3-inch full-screen LCD meter also displays the operating status of the system, the status of surrounding vehicles, and operation requests.

NEW Honda Legend Honda Snesing Elite Exterior

The exterior is equipped with a blue accessory lamp and aluminum wheels exclusively for the new LEGEND equipped with automatic driving level 3 "Honda SENSING Elite".

By incorporating a large number of sensors, it casually claims that it is a vehicle equipped with an automatic operation device, while enhancing the dignity of a flagship sedan.

The power unit has the same specifications as the conventional LEGEND, and is equipped with a V6 3.5L direct injection i-VTEC engine, a combination of three high-output motors, and a 7-speed DCT(Dual Clutch Transmission) with high power transmission efficiency.