ALPHARD has been partially improved. And added new grade "S Type Gold II"

23 May 2021

Model Name
Toyota Alphard
Add New Grade / Little Improvement
Debut Date
10 May 2021

TOYOTA announced some improvements to ALPHARD and VELLFIRE.

Comfortable equipment, which was previously an optional setting, is now a standard setting.

JDM Toyota Alphard S Type Gold II

The main improvement of ALPHARD is to improve functionality, and all models are equipped with a dual power slide door with a one-touch switch and an accessory outlet as standard equipment. ALPHARD's highest grade "Executive Lounge / Executive Lounge S" is equipped with a foldable passenger seat headrest that expands the view from the rear seats.

The exterior has a dynamic design, a protruding grille center, a staircase shape, and plating that emphasizes the vertical tone, but the dynamic and luxurious styling remains the same.

In the interior, a more luxurious and high-quality space, including a renewal of wood grain decoration, The new wood grain decoration that deepens the taste of the room and the high-quality seat skin that invites you to relax comfortably are adopted.

There are three types of ALPHARD engines: hybrid and gasoline engines, 3.5L and 2.4L models.

By combining a 2.5L gasoline engine and a high-power motor, the hybrid system aims to achieve both environmental performance and driving comfort, and achieves low fuel consumption, excellent driving performance, low emissions, and quietness. In addition, the battery uses a nickel hydrogen battery.

The 3.5L gasoline engine uses TOYOTA's original fuel injection system to achieve a powerful V6-like rotation feel and excellent fuel efficiency.

In addition, the AT has a Direct Shift-8AT, which realizes a direct feeling and improved fuel efficiency. In addition to widening the range of gear ratio settings, we pursued driving with a direct feeling that responds to the driver's wishes.

In addition, ALPHARD's gasoline 2.5L engine is an engine with excellent torque and thermal efficiency, and features powerful acceleration from low speeds and low fuel consumption.

The transmission adopts Super CVT-i (automatic continuously variable transmission) with 7-speed sports sequential shiftmatic, and by continuously changing the gear ratio using a mechanism other than gears, a linear acceleration feeling and low Achieved fuel efficiency.

For safety performance, Toyota Safety Sense is standard equipment.

It is equipped with pre-crash safety (millimeter wave radar + monocular camera system), lane tracing assist, radar cruise control, etc.

In addition, a special specification car "S TYPE GOLD II" based on the ALPHARD "S" has been newly set. It features sunburst gold wood grain panels on the interior and gold sputter decoration.

JDM Toyota Alphard S Type Gold II Front Face

JDM Toyota Alphard S Type Gold II Seat

JDM Toyota Alphard S Type Gold II Instrument Panel

JDM Toyota Alphard S Type Gold II Air Condition

JDM Toyota Alphard S Type Gold II Interior Panel

JDM Toyota Alphard S Type Gold II Interior