The new MIRAI Z is equipped the new function "Advanced Drive" of the latest advanced technology.

23 May 2021

Model Name
Toyota Mirai
Little Improvement
Debut Date
8 Apr 2021

JDM Toyota Mirai Z

"Advanced Drive" is a driving support system that is as close to automatic driving as possible, achieving smooth and safe driving that is "similar to a veteran driver".

Advanced Drive has five technological features: "intelligence," "reliability," "high recognition performance," "driver-car interaction," and "software/hardware upgrades," and consists of LiDAR, radar, and stereo cameras as sensors.

LiDAR is a type of sensor that uses laser light, and is characterized by being able to accurately detect not only the distance to an object but also its position and shape, and LiDAR is an indispensable technology for autonomous driving in urban areas. This is Toyota's first introduction.

Advanced Drive is a system that supports driving on the main lines of expressways and freeways. Once the destination is set in the navigation system, the on-board system assists the driver to recognize, judge, and operate the vehicle appropriately according to the actual traffic conditions under the driver's supervision, and assists the driver to drive to the destination until the turnoff, while maintaining the lane and space between vehicles, turning, changing lanes, and overtaking.

Specifically, in addition to optimizing the distance between vehicles, we will optimize the distance between the left and right sides. For example, when overtaking a large vehicle, drive from the center of the lane to the right to reduce driver anxiety.

In addition, there are cars that join the main line from interchanges and parking areas on the highway. When Advanced Drive detects a merging vehicle, it can decelerate early to secure the inter-vehicle distance and support the smooth merging of the other vehicle.

And lane change / overtaking can be done semi-automatically. When the system that grasps the surrounding conditions by various sensors determines that it is possible to change lanes, the driver holds the steering wheel and confirms and approves the lane change destination to automatically change lanes.

JDM Toyota Mirai Z Advanced Drive

Advanced Drive also features software updates via communication, and by updating including the addition of functions, it is possible to grow into a car that is easy for users to use.

In addition, if the driver has an abnormality, for example, if the car does not respond to warnings in a situation where the driver's posture is greatly distorted, the system will turn on the hazard lights and slow down. If the driver is in the lane or left lane and there is room on the shoulder, the system will stop and call for emergency services via HELP NET.

Another feature is the Advanced Park (with panoramic view monitor).

After stopping next to the space you want to park, press the Advanced Park switch to check the parking position. When you press the start switch, the camera and sonar monitor the surroundings, control the steering, shift, accelerator, and brake operations, assist the parking operation, and complete parking. Of course, we also support collision damage mitigation.

JDM Toyota Mirai Z Advanced Drive

In addition, in order to continue to use all the functions of "Advanced Drive", it is necessary that T-Connect and Map on Demand are in service period and that the software is always updated.

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JDM Toyota Mirai Z Rear Styling