"Genius egg" Toyota Estima.

11 April 2022

Model Name
Toyota Estima

The Estima is a Toyota minivan produced from 1990 to 2019. After two full model changes, it was produced up to the third generation, and unfortunately it was discontinued in March 2020.

Estima was exhibited as a concept model at the 28th Tokyo Motor Show held at Makuhari Messe in 1989, and was put on the market in May 1990, about half a year later.
The origin of Estima is said to be the name made from "estimable".

Toyota Estima

The first generation, which appeared in 1990, adopted an oval futuristic body shape as the catch phrase of "Genius egg ".
In addition, it was epoch-making at that time, such as the underfloor type midship layout and the flattening by laying the 2.4L engine sideways at 75 degrees.
Later, a model with a supercharger attached to the engine was added.

In 1992, as a rival model of Vanette Serena, Estima Emina and Estima Lucida, which housed the car body in the 5 number frame by shortening the vehicle width and overall length, were released and became popular models, but in the second generation, only Estima It became the lineup of.

Toyota Estima

In 2000, in the second generation, the drive system was renewed to FF while inheriting the oval body shape. Initially, the engine was a V6 3 liter engine, but two months later an inline 4-cylinder 2.4 liter model was added. A hybrid model was also added in 2001.
The body dimensions were almost the same as the first generation, but the comfortability was improved by minimizing the decrease in interior space, such as lowering the seating position by lowering the floor by changing the drive system and giving a margin to the head clearance. from this model, we have adopted sliding doors on both sides and a center meter. As a result of various improvements from the first Estima, the second-generation Estima recorded a big hit with the third largest sales volume of new passenger cars (about 122,400 units) in 2000, after Corolla and Vitz. After that, the momentum did not slow down, and even after the model change to the third generation, it became a popular model in the used car market.

Toyota Estima

Started selling the third generation in 2006. Although the design has evolved normally, Toyota's minivan's first two-tone roof and the adoption of tear-eyed headlights gave it a fearless impression.
The interior inherits the center meter, but unlike the second generation, it has a straight-line tone and a spacious design.
Unlike the 2nd generation front and rear slide + tip-up type, the 3rd row seat is an underfloor storage type that eliminates the slide function, expanding the storage space.
The lineup includes an in-line 4-cylinder 2.4-liter engine and a newly developed V-type 6-cylinder 3.5-liter engine.
In addition, the transmission has been changed to a CVT, and a sequential shiftmatic has also been installed. A hybrid model was added in the same year.

In 2016, the front design was redesigned with the third minor change, and the headlamp was changed to a thin type that wraps around from the upper grill to the side continuously. The upper grille has been enlarged to create an exterior with a bumper corner overhanging. In addition, the rear combination lamps had a three-dimensional red tone, the stop lamps had LED line emission, and the tail lamps had surface emission.
In terms of equipment, the collision avoidance support package "Toyota Safety Sense C" is standard equipment on all vehicles, and safety equipment has been enhanced.
In addition, the grade system has been significantly reorganized and reduced to only two types, 2.4 hybrid and 2.4 gasoline.

This third generation was the final model of Estima, and at the end of March 2020, all inventory registrations were completed, ending the history of about 30 years.