Privacy Policy

About managing private information regarding product inquiry Cleaveware Co.,Ltd.
The private information provided when customers submit a question on the homepage regarding products and service contents provided by this company, will be managed as dictated below. Please provide the information after giving consent with regards to it's management. ( Content that conforms to JIS Q 15001:2006 regulations is noted. )
1.Name of Business Operator
Cleaveware Co.,Ltd.
2.Name, address, and contact information of the person responsible for the protection and management of private information
President Tsutomu Kadokita
Location:Syougyoudai2 Bld.10F, 5-4-9, Toyosaki, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 531-0072, Japan
Phone Number: 06-6940-6706
3.Private information to be acquired
:Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail address
4.Purpose of use
:It is used shinning of item and/or for contact confirmation and/or things like the collection and analysis of opinions.
5.Provision of private information
This company, with regards to information acquired at this time, shall not provide information to any third party, with an exception for cases in which it is decreed by laws and regulations.
6.Regarding the relegation of private information management
This company, to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use (4.) as stated above, may relegate the handling of private information to a company that passes this company's private information protection standards.
7.The provider's rights as pertains to private information(notification of purpose of use, disclosure, revision, addition, deletion, practical use and denial of provision, etc.)
If the provider's rights are exercised, such as stipulated by the Private Information Protection Law, this company will comply in accordance with the law and with the provisions of JIS regulations.
(Contact for claim disclosure, etc.)
Cleaveware Co.,Ltd. contact for inquiries regarding private information
Location: Syougyoudai2 Bld.10F, 5-4-9, Toyosaki, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 531-0072, Japan
Phone Number: 06-6940-6706
8. Private information is provided at the provider's discretion
In the event that the provider has some hesitation to providing private information or does not provide the corresponding information, there are cases in which we may not be able to respond to inquiry confirmation content.
9.The management of provided private information
This company, by means of a private information management system that is in accordance with JIS Q 15001:2006 regulations, ensures that there is no leakage, loss, etc. of provided private information and that it is managed appropriately.